Who's behind this?

CUP started off life as All In Arma mod by Kju. This was a config based approach to getting all previous Arma content into Arma 3. It worked, kinda, but clearly more work was needed to make that content work properly in Arma 3 along with the correct models/textures etc. So, CUP was born and has been driven forward by many community contributors. Truth be told this is really a community effort. There's a core staff and dev team that keep things ticking over, but many people are contributing to CUP in various ways.

How can I contribute?

If you have modding experience, or are simply willing to learn something new, contact us. We do need modellers, animators, and config writers, but there might be other tasks that can be done. For example, many of the weapons have generic descriptions. Even without modding experience, this is something that everybody can help out with. Contact us if you think you can help.

Where can I get the source of this mod?

We haven't released any source. In view of the large work overhead to cleanup and maintain a source package and the fact that our license is already violated by many people even without a source release, we don't feel the need of a dedicated CUP source package right now.

If you are in need of unbinarised A1/A2 models, checkout the official source packages published by Bohemia Interactive.

If you are a modder who want to create an APL-SA licensed mod based upon CUP, feel free to contact us. The modding community lives from considerate cooperation and respect.

What addons are required?

Weapons requires CBA_A3, Units requires Weapons, Vehicles require Units.

I am a mission editor where can I find CUP classnames?

At the moment we have a class list for CUP assets here.

What are you porting?

Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Arma 2 British Armed Forces, Arma 2 ACR, Arma 2 PMC, Take on Helicopters, Arma 3 Beta content that did not ship with Arma 3, Arma 1 content (where possible), and Arma 2/3 community donations that fit the CUP factions.

I want to use Vehicles only, but when I extract them, I get errors?

Not as easy as it seems. Weapons, Units and Vehicles are “sort of” modular. This means you can use either weapons, weapons and units or weapons, units and vehicles. The reason is they all share content, for example, a vehicle has a crew and this crew has weapons. Untangling this dependencies would result in duplicated content in each of the packages and a much larger file size.

Is it possible to release Vehicles pack only?

It would be possible but complicated to split the single packs so that there is no dependency on each other. But this would mean enormous amount of unnecessary data, huge effort to maintain this additional data to have it matching the other packs, and also rewriting thousands of lines of configs and code. In short: Way too much work for only a small benefit.

Is it intended that some weapons can’t fit attachments on them?

Some weapons are indeed intentionally not able to fit certain attachments. For example, since the Lee Enfield has no rails, it cannot attach scopes or any other attachment. Likewise, dovetail mount attachments can only be put on weapons that have a dovetail side mount, like the AK’s, Bizon, SVD and similar rifles. In the future there might be more variants of e.g. AK’s with a dovetail-to-Picatinny adapter.

The download is too big and I only need a subset of weapon/vehicle/unit. Can I get or create a smaller pack?

No. The CUP packages come as it is and nobody is allowed to create smaller (light) packages. The reason is simple: When we allowed people to create and distribute smaller subsets of CUP, these packages that are not maintained by us get outdated by the next update. In the past we received numerous bug reports and tickets about broken missions, already fixed bugs and missing content by users that were unable to distinguish between the official CUP packages and third party packs. As we don't want to spend our spare time with separating false from justified bug reports we decided to forbid custom CUP repacks completely.

If you are worried about the download size of CUP, see it as the reincarnation of the previous Arma games in a new engine instead of "just" a mod. With CUP you are basically getting four games for free.

You guys just put stuff owned by Bohemia Interactive in A3. What gives you the right to govern over this content?

It is a popular belief that CUP is just the PBOs from Arma 1/Arma 2 put into Arma 3. Fact is that most of the A1/A2 content won't work in Arma3 as they are. Vehicles, weapons and units at least needed completely new configs to work. Beyond that we upgraded the content to A3 standards. That means we not only added A3 exclusive features like Fire-from-Vehicle, the clothing system, weapon attachments, etc but also remodeled and retextured nearly every asset. We even recreated some assets from scratch as the original data was not up to modern standards. It should be added that a lot of engine changes between A2:Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 were not officially documented and needed to be investigated and documented by ourselves (for example the lighting changes on terrains). Overall the team has sunk more than 14000 work hours into CUP.

If you still think we shouldn't have a word in what happens with the CUP content, try and port the A1/A2 content yourself.

Is the usage of CUP on monetized servers allowed?

The CUP-License does not permit the usage on monetized servers. All packages released under the CUP-License or released prior to 01.01.2017 under APL-SA are excluded from use on monetized servers. Packages that are not allowed on monetized servers are for example Weapons, Units, Vehicles and CWR2 maps. Packages released after 01.01.2017 under the APL-SA license may be used on servers that are approved by Bohemia Interactive under their monetization rules. The CUP Team and all contributors reserve the right to change or withdraw this permission anytime.

Why are some packages excluded from use monetized servers?

We don’t believe in the idea of letting players pay for content (or the ability to access that content, e.g. by reserved slots) like it has become common in especially Free2Play games and – unfortunately – in more and more AAA games via micro transactions.

Arma 3 is a full priced AAA title and everyone who owns it should be able to access all its content (including all the mods) without further payment. If you want to use CUP while at the same time give players the opportunity to help with the server costs, you can do so via donations, but not via monetization. For the difference between donations and monetization, take a look at https://www.bistudio…onetization/faq

Why is Unit X and Vehicle Y not in the packs?

It is not ported yet, simple as it is. But it will be as long as it is Arma vanilla content. When? "When it's ready" which will be "soon™"

Are you also porting non vanilla mods?

No… Maybe… It’s classified… If we receive donations or contributions from Arma 2 modders we will consider porting / including them to CUP, but with a priority based on how much work is required to port. Ideally, these contributions compliment or extend the existing CUP factions.

When can we expect the next update?

When the time is right. We don’t set deadlines like “In 3 weeks we have to release X,Y,Z and in 5 weeks A,B,C…”. We work on this in our free time, and if we don’t have it, work gets delayed until we have time again. Releases happen when we feel like it is time (hot fixes excluded).

How can i get the rotors (UH-1Y, AH-1Z, CH-53E) to fold?

Use the following scripts:


_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\CUP\AirVehicles\CUP_AirVehicles_AH1Z\scripts\AH1Z_fold.sqf";


_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\CUP\AirVehicles\CUP_AirVehicles_UH1Y\scripts\UH1Y_fold.sqf";


_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\CUP\AirVehicles\CUP_AirVehicles_CH53E\scripts\CH53_fold.sqf";

To unfold: replace [this,1] with [this,0]